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I Finally Did This…

I finally completed something I’ve thought about doing for a long time.

I had an idea to do this a few years ago but I just could never settle down enough to do it.  You see, it’s always been a bit of a dream of mine to Continue reading

Advertisements Is Closing Down. Here’s Why-

I have a testimony that God reveals things to us “line upon line, precept upon precept.”  Starting this blog has been no different.

When I first started this site I had no idea what I was doing, only that I felt it was something I should do.  I was at a dark place in my life, I was nearing graduating college and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  This caused me great anxiety.

But I just started writing because I wanted to share the Gospel.  As I did though I started to feel that writing could be the path for me.

And today, I’ve decided to finally go for it. Continue reading

The Most Basic Principle of a Life Worth Living

Man on top


I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I’m nearing the end of my final semester of college and life has been insane.  In just one week I’ll be completely done with my bachelors degree.  Whewf.

I wish I could properly capture the roller coaster that has happened to me in the past few weeks, but I’m afraid that would take up a thousand blog posts.  I’ll spare you the novel.

But, I do want to write about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.  It’s the most basic and one of the most important principles of a life worth living.

Continue reading