10 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent


Last night as I spent time with my two kids, I couldn’t help but ponder the things I’ve learned in my journey as a parent so far.  Granted, I’m very young and I have a lot more I’m going to learn, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned since becoming a parent:

1. Everyone and everything will try and tell you how you should parent your child.  You will go insane if you try to rise to every standard that everyone else sets.  How to raise your child is between you, your spouse and the Lord.

2.  Every child is different and has a unique soul with characteristics imbued upon them even before they came to earth.   Thus there is no silver bullet to parenting.  Different children need different things.  There’s a reason God sent this specific child to YOU.

3.  The man in the yellow hat seriously needs to stop running off on errands and leaving Curious George at home. WHEN WILL HE EVER LEARN???

4.  Once you think you’ve finally gotten the hang of how to handle your child in the phase they’re in, they grow up and enter a new one and the learning starts all over again.

5. “Dad’dy!” is the greatest word in the english language.

6.  Chicken nuggets are best eaten when fed to you by the sticky hand of a toddler.

7. Being a parent allows you to experience a “smidgen” of the love that God feels for you.  Just as you deeply care for your child or children,  He cares for you (only infinitely more so).

8. Kids can greatly strengthen a marriage.  I know this may not be the same for everyone, but having kids did wonders for my marriage.

9.  You should dance often.  It makes life better.  Just ask my 1 year old.

10. Above all else children need love.  Your love.  This isn’t a parenting “tip” nor is it a “technique”.  Them experiencing your love is a way of life.

What about you? What have you learned since becoming a parent?

Thanks for reading.

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12 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent

  1. Tressa Hart

    #11 Losing yourself in the service of raising your children brings more happiness than can be imagined when merely observed from the outside.
    #12 A treat is all the sweeter when enjoyed after the kids are finally in bed.

  2. Emily Sandbakken

    Although I’m no technically a parent yet, one of the things I’ve learned as a stay-at-home wife is to be a “positive enabler.” Meaning that my job is to enable my husband to do what he needs to. I try to have the house clean, dinner made, dishes done, etc. so that he can focus on his priorities and not worry about the little things. I imagine it will be very much the same as a mom. My job will be to enable my children to learn and grow no matter what sacrifice that may entail on my end. Hopefully that all made sense haha.

  3. janet barlow

    I learned that children are Zen Masters in disguise! They help you develop your potential in spite of yourself. I remember my 3 year old Zen Master(AJB) telling me on a day when I was weary from all the responsibility that I had with 4 active boys from teenagers on down, “Don’t forget mom, you’re a lucky duck!”

  4. Harriet Brown

    I’m a parent in the middle of some rough times. What would you do if your teenager told you she/he was gay or an atheist?


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