I Have a Secret

My wife and I live in about a 550 sq. ft 1 bedroom apartment with 2 kids. At best a very polite person would look at it and say, “huh…well…it’s sure got character…..”. The truth is the house is just old. Like ridiculously old. Like T-Rex with the little arms old. And so lots of parts of it are starting to show their age.

For example we havethis little silver pane that goes right on our tile. Lately it’s been coming off and causing a small screw in the corner to pop up. I frequently nick the bottom of my foot on it. Every time I do it, I think to myself,


But the fact is, I don’t. Then the excuses start pouring in, overtaking my decision-

“Eh, It’s late. I’ll do it tomorrow…”

“I can always do it later…”

“I have more important things to do right now…”

“I’ll just avoid it next time…”

These excuses may be acceptable and popular in the “oh so effective” world of rationalization, but in reality- they stink. I inevitably hurt myself the next time and the cycle repeats. Even though it frequently causes me pain, I haven’t taken the means necessary to rid myself of the incessant steel sticker. And even worse, if I continue to not put it in it’s place, this loose screw could harm the little whipper snappers I have running around.

I like to write poetry and I love to to turn everything into a metaphor…weird I know, it’s kind of a strange obsession of mine- but this got me thinking about how many times we have this in our lives, little things, little “screws popping up” that frequently harm us.

“Little” things or habits we know we need to fix, we know we need to repair or repent of, but for whatever reason we don’t and so we keep “nicking” our feet again and again. Then we rationalize, rinse and repeat.

Maybe it’s just time to take out the screwdriver. Sure beats a bloody foot.


 photo by cmiper


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