What the Gospel and Late Night Eating Have In Common

The clock struck 11 in the evening…

Or in other words, my microwave beeped.  (The first sentence just sounded more dramatic)  Anyway, I don’t know what it is about my stomach and post 10 PM but for whatever reason my body decides it hasn’t eaten all day and starts yelling at me that it’s STARVING.

So the other night I did what anyother 20 something would do; I raided our cupboards looking for food.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t been shopping in a while and our food supply was running low.  I ended up munching on potato chips and drinking some milk and I think I ate the gross end piece that comes with the loaf of bread (seriously, who likes that thing?) but I couldn’t find any food that was really satisfying and filling.  Yes, it helped satiate my hunger a bit, and it felt good to munch, but overall I didn’t feel full.  I went to bed that night still wanting more.

As I thought back on this experience (I often give great thought to my endeavors with food…) I realized how much it reminded me of an earlier time in my life.  There was a point in my teenager dom where I decided I didn’t really believe in God and I really didn’t want much to do with any “dumb church stuff”.  What I didn’t realize though was just how “hungry” spiritually I really was. I was starving.

Sure, I would temporarily fill up myself with something fun, a concert I was really excited about, a movie on the weekend, times with friends or other activities, but more times than not, I went to bed feeling empty.  Alone.  Hungry.  Most activities I engaged in were only temporary tastes, they were the potato chips or ends of the bread, but without the Gospel in my life they had no lasting substance.

Fast forward a few years and here I am.  I feel much better.  The emptiness is no longer there.  As I strive to fill myself with the teachings of the  Gospel, I feel much more satisfied.  I feel full.


-Photo by Lall

Question O’ The Day: So I know I just started this blog…and not a lot of people read it at the moment but if you have read it thus far, what about you? Have you experienced anything similar?  What are your feelings about spiritual hunger? Any respectful thoughts are appreciated. Also, I do want to share a Mormon message that I think sums it up in a beautiful way…


4 thoughts on “What the Gospel and Late Night Eating Have In Common

  1. Jordan Braginton

    I think food is a great comparison to the Gospel. Today while I was chatting with a coworker about his trip to France I discovered how the French eat; they take an hour or two per meal. They don’t have ‘fast food,’ they don’t eat in their car on the way to work. They like to cook with butter AND they are all skinny. This could have to do with the fact that when you eat slowly your stomach has time to tell your brain that it’s full and you end up eating a lot less. This being said, what struck me is that they enjoyed their food. Having a meal is something that is an event, it’s something they look forward to doing. I think for me, and a lot of Mormon’s the “American” diet for spirituality becomes too prominent; it’s so easy to get caught in the motions of things: being bored in Elder’s Quorum, scripture study, helping the nice old lady down the street move 5 times, and it becomes difficult. I have found that when I take time to enjoy the journey and I really dig into the scriptures it becomes exciting. I have those satisfying spiritual meals when I simply take my time and look forward to them.

  2. Jay Baker

    Great analogy, Alex! I, too, often find myself wandering aimlessly through the cupboards before bedtime. Though my eatings often leave me feeling gross, which allows me to lay awake and contemplate the deeper, spiritual things of life. Whatever works, I guess.


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